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As children, these people never felt they fit in and may have developed a bad self-image. Later, they draw strength from their uniqueness. Because they don't want their children to experience the same difficulties, they can be strict and rule-conscious. December 16 people are not particularly concerned with health.

They're even more stubborn if they have a health condition! They don't care to be told how to behave, even by a doctor.

December 16 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

When they do exercise, it's usually done for emotional rather than physical reasons. December 16 men and women are usually drawn toward creative enterprises, though they may work at their talent for years while making a living at a job that means nothing but a paycheck. They have the good sense not to believe that money equals success. Those who could recently only criticize cannot find enough words to praise you.

Take the compliments at face value; there's nothing wrong with being happy with yourself.

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Gain the confidence you need with the help of our experts. Today you could be experiencing some powerful feelings toward someone. Maybe you're growing deeper in love with your romantic partner? Your heart could be opening up to this person as you explore a new level of commitment and connection. If you're single, you might find yourself drawn to someone in your immediate circle.

Being around them could be a heady experience that makes you feel a bit high!

At this point, you're flying high, enjoying the career successes that you've achieved over the past several weeks. Today you could accomplish yet another goal, which adds to your feeling of accomplishment.

TAURUS ~ DECEMBER 16-31, 2018 ~ UNIVERSE is Backing YOU

As a result, you might find yourself planning a vacation, or perhaps a return to college. The expansion of your horizons has not left you complacent. Instead, you want to continue expanding.

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This is a very positive development. Chances are you have been taking it for granted and that cannot continue. Show them that you truly care. Decisions, decisions, how you hate making decisions. But make them you must because major developments both at home and at work will compel you to choose in which direction you intend to travel.

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  • What is your No. Go for it! Anyone who thinks Taurus is too cautious by nature will be obliged to think again as you go all out to prove you can be as adventurous as anyone else. Make sure your mind is open to new ideas, because ideas are more valuable than gold. What you think is of major importance will be of no significance at all when the sun changes signs on the 21st.

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    The sun moves into the partnership area of your chart on Friday, making it easier for you to open up and let loved ones know what is on your mind and in your heart. Between now and then, try to avoid any more misunderstandings! Something you thought was trivial in the extreme will turn out to be of major importance over the next few days, which will surprise you. Actually the signs were there for you to see all along but you were much too busy having fun!

    The Most Compatible Astrological Signs

    Mercury, your ruler, links with Jupiter a few days from now, which will go a long way toward restoring your confidence — though maybe not so much in other people! What have you got to worry about?

    Life should be enjoyed. You have become a bit too predictable of late and need to get some mystery back into your life.

    Taurus Horoscope

    Also, because people expect you to be secretive they worry when you open up and reveal things about yourself. Revert to type and hide things from them! It will, however, pay you to get serious about your financial situation. Savings may have to be made.