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You may have to slow down little energy in all your relationships because your innate vibe is to display soldier-like qualities, so may like to wage war with almost all the people in your life. No matter whether they come from the personal or professional front. You may be interested in luxuries, and of course with beautiful things. You may desire for peace and harmony in all the relationships. It may be hard for you to be in troubling situations.

The spiritual meaning of Dharma Trikona houses

You may even land up in a job where you use your communication skills. You may be caring and displaying mother like nature to all. Sun is the king of our solar system and you may have that much of ego. This is the indication of a very confident person and that too depends upon the aspect and conjunctions Sun has.

The ego may cause conflicts with others as well. You may like to follow the principles and rules and may not tolerate any one going against your ideas.

11 Awesome Easy Steps to Know Your Timing of Marriage in Vedic Astrology

Peace will be your motto and you may like to keep a good balance in the relationships. They also will show the determination like Aries since both signs are ruled by Mars. The Ketu influence is making you more mysterious. Most of your moves will be very mysterious. Also, the native may be a scholar, get legacies and recover long overdue money which can be in the form of arrears of pay, gratuity, long term deposits, etc.

If the owner of the first house is a malefic planet for the chart, the native will not live long and is likely to lose an eye. He may also get hooked on drugs. The native will not be good looking. He will be miserly, preoccupied with the thought of his wealth and may have to work hard to earn it. He may be learned and have an interest in the mystical side of life. The native will not have a happy married life.

He may face dangers, see his family members pass away, will be involved in accidents or may get injured. He may not like his father and his younger brothers and sisters. He may not have neighbors or he may keep himself aloof from them. He may always be under a notion that he has certain imperfections in him and may, therefore, suffer from a complex. His children will have property and conveyances. If the owner of the first house also owns the eighth house, this placement of the owner of the first house shall make it a highly beneficial planet.

He will have a large clan. He will be learned, happy, and respected. He will be fortunate. He may study matters in detail and engage himself in research projects. He will inherit property and wealth. His mother may be in service that brings her in contact with foreigners and at which she may do well, but the native will not have good relations with her.

Strong or Weak Houses in Vedic Astrology

His elder brother or sister will be a self-made person and may earn through his pen. The native will be highly placed.

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He will gain through the government and will be respected. The native will earn by the dint of his own efforts. If the owner of the first house is a naturally beneficial planet which is beneficial for the chart, the native will be known for his good conduct. He will be well behaved, a scholar, and will respect his parents and the preceptor.

He will have the goodwill of the government and reach a high position in life. The native will have comforts and vehicles. This placement is not conducive to good relations with children, brothers, and sisters. The affairs of the fourth house will prosper.

Steps to Reading your Vedic Astrology chart

The children will be in service abroad. He will be reputed, will have good children, will be long-lived, have good conveyances, be rich and happy.

Rahu In 10th House For Leo Ascendant

He may marry more than once. The native will gain and earn much during the major or sub-periods of the owner of the first house. The native will have highly placed benefactors and friends. He will always be successful and will have good health. His ambitions will be fulfilled. He will recover quickly from illnesses.

The first child will be lucky after his marriage. He will commit bad deeds, be cruel-hearted, petty-minded, may live abroad, be arrogant and a spendthrift. He will have a good number of enemies. He will face hindrances and will find it difficult to succeed in his endeavors. He will be slim in build. The native will prefer his own company, will be isolated, will visit lonely and deserted places, may be connected with jails, asylums, and hospitals and he may have to live in them.

Planetary time periods...

He will be the cause of his failures. His bank balance will be poor. He may find interest in the occult and may work for his spiritual emancipation. He can be learned. It also indicates that the mother will be fond of visiting religious places, going on pilgrimages and attending to religious duties sincerely.

She can be wealthy and well placed in life. View all posts by Nishikant Chandra. For a Capricorn ascendant with Saturn placed in 12th house gives gives permanent settlement in abroad or just frequent travels to abroad? Mercury is also the titles easily grasped that provide the Leo native with name.

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  6. Mercury rules the two houses relating most significantly to wealth and therefore gives great ability for trade and commerce. Ruling the 11th and 2nd houses, Mercury may give egocentricity in gaining possessions and desires and is therefore temporally malefic. Ruling the house of creativity and the house of death and longevity, Jupiter gives the creative intelligence to create things that last after death, as well as to create those things that break taboos; witness Mozart who has done both. Ruling the houses of knowledge and the occult, and being a planet of knowledge, Jupiter gives a natural capacity for occult knowledge as well as transforming spiritual practices.

    Jupiter, as the 5th and 8th lord, inclines the native to share his luck with others as well as giving others the benefits of his knowledge.

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    Jupiter also has the capacity to give sudden wealth through speculations, although the 8th house makes the wealth and luck somewhat unsteady. Due to the 5th house lordship, Jupiter is a temporal benefic. Sharing his lordship with the 8th lord causes Jupiter to create transitions and crisis that come, hand in hand, with knowledge and insight. As a natural benefic, Jupiter inclines the Leo native towards gain, though reckless at times, and the 8th lordship will at times cause Jupiter to destroy things, but then he will offer a greater inspiration instead.

    Being a benefic and ruling the 3rd house of effort and the 10th house of karma or action, Venus gives a lazy pride that does not want to exert itself. The 6th house is also the house of divorce, or loss of, and through, partnerships. This, paired with the 7th house of spouse and partners, makes them not very well equipped to work in partnerships, but Saturn, the lord of Karma, gives little choice in the matter as long as there is any need to learn. The 6th house is also the house of debt and karma yoga, so Saturn may give karmic debts that need to be paid to a partner, or society, in which case developing a karma yoga mentality in these areas is beneficial.

    At best, Saturn may give service through impersonal relationships.

    enter site Saturn generally gives delays in fulfilling partnership needs.